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Original Internet Edition of 1999

A collection of topics pointing out the dangers of certain types of food and drinks to our well being based on the latest discovery in nutrition research. The attitude of doctors and physicians in their diagnosis and treatment of so called chronic diseases is also investigated and documented.

It may surprise the reader to find out that certain ingredients which are added to food and drink all over the world are contributing directly to the spread of degenerative diseases. One should expect that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would protect the American consumer by banning these additives, but for some inexplicable reason the FDA has ruled that such additives are safe and that food and drink with these ingredients are fit for consumption. Now we are asking ourselves why our children are afflicted with mental disorders and obesity as they are being fed by their unsuspecting parents with these food items every day.

All of these findings have been thoroughly researched and documented concerning the toxicity of these substances within the global food supply and available diet soft drinks.

Most of these articles were picked up from sources on the Internet and reproduced on this web site for easy reference.





Bird Flu, Swine Flu - effective remedies

How to deal with T2 Diabetes - there is Hope

Successful Approach to Heart disease

Problems with Artificial Sweeteners

Lyme Disease  vs. Chronic Illness

MSG additive - the Taste that Kills

Cancer - Help and Advice

Advantages of Vegetarian Living

Adequate supply of Vitamins

Ebola Treatment

Help with Osteoporosis

High Blood Pressure

Miscellaneous Topics on Health



Problems with Artificial Sweeteners

World's best Selling Sweetener - Shocking Story

Aspartame Danger to Infants, future Generations

US President asked to Pull the Plug on Aspartame

MD. Whistleblower on Aspartame Toxicity Study

Acceptable Limits for Aspartame Consumption?

Lethal Science of Splenda Artificial Sweetener

India Newspaper about Dangers of Aspartame

High Fructose Corn Syrup versus Aspartame

Impotence & Blindness from Diet Soft Drinks

Splenda "Explodes Internally"- Says Chemist

Aspartame  -  Headache, Dizziness, Seizures

Evils Lurking in Aspartame Consumption?

Low Doses of  Aspartame  Cause Cancer

Drowning in High Fructose Corn Syrup

The Evils of high Fructose Corn Syrup

Aspartame Sweetener makes you Fat

Aspartame rebranded "Aminosweet"

Kentucky - Aspartame Death Capital

Aspartame - Killing Kids for Money

Aspartame & Psychiatric Disorders

Doctors Ignore  Aspartame Disease

Aspartame - Revealing  New Study

Murdering Infants with Aspartame

New Mexico banning  Aspartame?

Aspartame exposed - GM Bacteria
used to create Deadly Sweetener

Alarming Decay of  Public Health

Aspartame Nightmare - by Tasha

Your Health - Wake Up, Awake!

Multiple Sclerosis & Aspartame

George Carlin - Diet Coke with
Aspartame and Cardiac Death

Sweet Poison - a Silent Killer

Get Fat with  Diet Soft Drinks

Aspartame Makers  in a Tizzy

Aspartame Violates State and
Federal Adulteration Statutes

FDA Betrayal of Consumers

Sudden Cardiac Death

Slim Fast Propaganda



Hope for T2 Diabetes

T2 Diabetes reversed in just 4 Months

Honey could Save Diabetics from Amputation

GTF Chromium eliminates Type II Diabetes

White Flour may cause Diabetes

Enormous  Diabetes  Epidemic

How Red Wine Fights Diabetes



Help with Osteoporosis

Bone Loss - deception, denial, betrayal

Most Vital Ingredient - Borax or Boron

Boron - deficiency symptoms

Vitamin K2 and D3



Successful Approach to Heart Disease

Health Warnings - Heart Surgeon admits Huge Mistake

Powerful Cure for Bad Cholesterol, Obesity and more

Broccoli may prevent strokes & heart attacks

A dozen Top Nutrients for a Healthier Heart

Could Sulfur Deficiency be a contributing
factor in Obesity, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's
and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

5 Fish are Deadly - 3 will help your Heart

Healing and Preventing Heart Disease
with Nutrition



Lyme Disease  vs. Chronic Illness

Lyme Disease / Chronic Illness Conference

Cause, Spread, Therapy of Lyme Disease

CDC cares about Lyme Disease?

What makes Lyme Disease tick?

Doing away with Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Look-Alike

Lyme Disease Mystery



MSG additive - the Taste that kills

Obesity  from  MSG  Food  Additives

Dirty food company secrets revealed

MSG  -  the Secret behind  the Savor

Morbidly Obese  feasting on  MSG

MSG - Slowly poisoning America

MSG causes Obesity, hides
behind many fake Names

Natural's dirty little Secret:
'Natural Flavoring

MSG  sprayed  on  Crops

Obesity Secret Ignored

MSG and Aspartame
a personal Story

Coping with MSG



Cancer - Help and Advice

Breast Cancer with Thyroid Hormone Therapy?

Pineapple Enzyme Kills Cancer without Killing You

Feds are keeping people Sick - The Vitamin D story

Plastic Food Containers Linked to Breast Cancer

Turmeric Extract hits the Root Cause of Cancer

Modern Medicine's Deceit of Cancer Patients

Cesium Chloride eliminates Cancer Death

Beating Cancer on a Shoestring Budget

Serious Problems with Chemo-Therapy

Lemons Stronger than Chemotherapy

Overcoming Terminal Breast Cancer

Can Cayenne Pepper  Cure Cancer?

Lemon & Baking Soda shown to be
Powerful Healing Combination

Chemotherapy cause of permanent
Brain Damage & Memory Loss

Stop Cancer with Baking Soda

Baking Soda & Maple Syrup
Cancer Treatment

Baking Soda helps prevent
Chronic Kidney Disease

Mastectomy no more!

Cancer  Cured for  Good


Sodium Bicarbonate
Baking Soda & pH Levels

deception, denial, betrayal

Breast Cancer Screening
harming 9 out of 10 Women

Take Turmeric to prevent the
Most Malignant Cancers

Turmeric and Prostate Health

Mammography causes Cancer

I don't want to Die from Cancer

Vitamin-D Cutting Cancer Risk?

Eggplant cures skin cancer 100%?

Cheap, safe Drug kills most Cancers

Proof - Cancer Industry wants no cure

They  use  Cancer  to hold  us  Hostage

New Evidence linking Meat to Cancer

Cancer Industry is killing Women by
neglecting to mention Vitamin D



Adequate Supply of Vitamins

Top 5-secret Reasons you may need more Vitamin-C

High Dose vitamins prevents Macular Degeneration

Hemp Seed - Nutritionally Complete Food Source

UV  exposure only way to get  adequate Vitamin D

Vitamin D  Supplementation - how to get it done

Vitamin D  'triggers & arms'  the Immune System

Signs of Vitamin D deficiency most People miss

Be happy, take Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 MK7

Importance of  Magnesium for a healthy Body

Vitamin D found to influence over 200 Genes

Dandelion Root - Cancer Cure?  At no Cost?

Antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid can smash
Insulin Resistance & Autoimmune Disease

Intravenous Vitamin-C Kills Cancer Cells

How Vitamin D protects us from Cancer

Most Vital Ingredient - Borax or Boron

Just one Pill away - a gigantic Leap

Coenzyme  Q10  is vitally important
for health and longevity

Treatment for Ebola

Vitamin-D can heal Tuberculosis?

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme

Lies  about  Calcium & Vitamin-D

Big Pharma to Rule the World?

Boron - Deficiency Symptoms

Raise minimum Supplement
Intake Recommendations

Superfood - whole Eggs

Can CoQ10 really add
years to your life

Vitamin-D  Panacea?



Bird Flu, Swine Flu - effective remedies

Prepare for Avian Influenza!

Vitamin-C cures Avian Flu, Polio, etc?

Why Flu hits in Winter - how to Stop it naturally

MD says Vitamin-D effective against Influenza

150 Year old Household Cleaner a
Remedy for Swine Flu

What to do if  force vaccinated

Swine Flu Cure - very effective

Bird Flu (avian flu) Explained

Is Tamiflu Safe?  Not Really!

Effective Bird Flu Remedy



Advantages of Vegetarian Living

Protein for Vegetarians & the 'Beans & Rice' Myth

Fight Global Warming - Go Vegetarian

Are Soy Foods and Drinks Healthy?

Soy  Foods  affect  Your  Thyroid?

Bananas aren't just for Monkeys

Raw Veggies from Frozen Food

Discovered... Ancient Secret For
Perfect Health Into Old Age

Superfoods of Great Value

Vegan Tennis Champ

29 Healthiest Foods



High Blood Pressure

reduce & avoid perilous high blood pressure naturally

Remedy for Chronic Ailments - use Apple Cider Vinegar

Vitamin-D the Miracle Supplement

Rediscovery of  Water-Only Fasting



Miscellaneous Topics on Health

7  Foods you should never Eat

death in the Air we are breathing

DMSO - The Real Miracle Solution

Heavy Menstrual Periods - Natural Treatment

The Amazing Truth about the Sun and Your Health

Fountain of Youth, Nature's Healer - amazing DMSO

Spinach Knocks Out Cancer and Boosts Brain Power

Biochemical Oxygen Transport Pair - DMSO  &  MSM

Learn how to Deal with  and  Overcome Acid Reflux

Deadly Infections  related to  Selenium Deficiency?

Uninsured  charged much more than  the Insured

Morgellons Disease Demystified - Dr. Staninger

Psychiatrist blows the Lid on Antidepressants

Morgellons - Remarkable Laboratory Findings

MS breakthrough - Italy, University of Ferrara

Toxin  in  Plastics  Harming  Unborn Boys

Effect of  teenage Fat on Blood Vessels

Stop poisoning your Body with 'Food'

Saffron cures macular Degeneration

Studies  Show  Selenium  Prevents
Cancer and Thyroid Disease

Deadly Food Ingredients to avoid

MSM - we can't do well without it.

Root Canal Research Cover Up

Fluoride Effects on the Thyroid

Your Shampoo has bad Toxins

Partially Hydrogenated Oils

Most Offspring Die when
Mother Rats Eat GM Soy


Honey - New Antibiotic?

Get  Your  Health  Back

Fluoride - the silent Killer

Amazing Olive Leaf Extract

Got Pain - any kind of Pain?

Thirteen Foods that fight Pain

Selenium Pills may Combat HIV

Natural Ways  to  Eliminate  and
Prevent  Painful  Kidney Stones

SOY  Products  -  Adverse  Effects

Joint-Pain & the systemic Lupus Lie

How to eat Fruits - blessing or curse?

Healing  Properties  of  Cayenne  Pepper

Sepsis can Strike and Kill shockingly Fast

Protecting your DNA from Radiation Damage

Natural  Treatment  for  DU  contaminated  People

Complete Protection from Fukushima Radiation Dangers

Reverse and Eliminate CATARACTS Naturally without Surgery

Nigella Sativa Black Seed good for almost everything that ails You

Ruben benAbraham
WEBMASTER  ( not a Nutritionist )
collecting unique articles important
for restoring & maintaining your health

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Stop Cancer
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