Can Cayenne Pepper Cure Cancer?

Multiple Medical Studies Prove Capsaicin Destroys Cancer Cells

In clinical studies conducted in Japan, England and the United States, capsaicin, the critical secondary metabolite compound found in cayenne pepper (and other hot peppers), has been shown to cause cancer cells to undergo "apoptosis" a form of celllular self-termination or suicide, if you will.

This is ground-breaking information and I'll bet you've not heard about it. Still, what does this mean in practical terms?

Think of it: Cayenne pepper and other hot peppers with capsaicin have been proven in medical studies to kill leukemic, lung, pancretic and prostate cancer cells! This is important for people to know!

One study, as conducted by the American Association for Cancer Research, reports capsaicin is able to kill prostate cancer cells by forcing them to undergo apoptosis.

The study says capsaicin, "...has a Cayenne Pepperprofound antiproliferative effect on prostate cancer cells, inducing the apoptosis of both androgen receptor-positive and negative prostate cancer cell lines..."

Furthermore, the study also says, "In summary, our data suggests that capsaicin, or a related analogue, may have a role in the management of prostate cancer."

How Can Cayenne Pepper Kill Cancer Cells?

The studies say capsaicin is the agent that is shown to kill cancer cells. What is capsaicin? Capsaicin is the key component of peppers of the Capsicum genus of the Solanaceae family of which cayenne pepper is a member.

It is a chemical compound that stimulates the chemoreceptor nerve endings and in your mucous membranes. Furthermore, capsaicin is a compound that is among the group of capsaicinoids and are produced as a secondary metabolite by chili peppers.

It's the capsaicin that makes cayenne pepper hot, and it's the capsaicin that causes mucus membranes to react.

Continuing, as reported by the BBC, another study conducted at the University of Nottingham in England strongly suggests that it is the compound capsaicin that is able to trigger apoptosis in lung- and pancreatic-cancer cells.

There have also been several clinical studies conducted in Japan and China that showed natural capsaicin directly inhibits the growth of leukemic cells as well.


So does this mean a new cancer drug is right around the corner? No and I personally doubt there ever will be. You see Big Pharma and cancer research institutes (and government) learned long ago what good poker players know: you can shear a sheep many times but you can kill it only once.

The War on Cancer, as declared by Pres. Richard Nixon in 1971, was always meant to be a war much like the war in Vietnam or in Iraq: It is a war that is never meant to be won, it is a war that is meant to be sustained.

For you see, by prolonging those wars in Iraq and Vietnam, greater profits are made for the Military Industrial Establishment and Big Oil. So it is with Big Pharma and the government for there are large tax revenues and research funds in the billions to be derived therewith.

In the article produced by the BBC, Josephine Querido, cancer information officer at the Cancer Research UK commented that "This research does not suggest that eating vast quantities of chilli pepper will help prevent or treat cancer.

The experiments showed that pepper extracts killed cancer cells grown in the laboratory, but these have not yet been tested to see if they are safe and effective in humans."

Huh!!!?? "...not tested to see if they are safe and effective in humans"? Please! Numerous human beings consume hot chili peppers, cayenne pepper and other high-capsaicin foods on a daily basis throughout the world and have for centuries. They're perfectly safe. (Of course, use moderation when ingesting peppers. They're safe but ingestion of too many can cause vomiting. Moderation in all things is wisdom.)

My friend, you'll never see a cancer-curing pill for it would be an end to billions of dollars earmarked for cancer research. Not to mention the fact that such progress would end the billions, or near billions, gleaned from the "treatment" of cancer. Comedian Bill Maher was right: The pharmaceutical companies (and other black-hearted cabal members) realized long ago that there is more money made in disease than in actually curing people.

And yet now, western medicine has proven in an astonishing moment of honesty that capsaicin, the compound in cayenne pepper and other peppers, actually kills cancer cells. That's amazing! The next thing you know, the US government will actually balance a budget, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

The medical establishment in this country knows their approach doesn't work and in a moment of honesty testified as much in one study saying, "Current approaches to combat cancer rely primarily on the use of chemicals and radiation, which are themselves carcinogenic and may promote recurrences and the development of metastatic disease." The source of that quote comes from, "Compositions and Methods for Treating and Preventing Pathologies Including Cancer" (1997).


Are there any foods that can cause cancer to go in remission? Yes. Vegetables -- especially green vegetables. Vegetables? Yes, vegetables.

Here's one interesting documentable anecdote you may find interesting.

As reported in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle on October 21, 2004, Rudy Tomjanovich, the two-time NBA championship winning coach of the Houston Rockets, was able to reverse his bladder cancer by going on a vegetable-only diet for two months.

The article says, "Two years ago, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer...He ate only raw vegetables for two months, dropped nearly 30 pounds and had trouble filling out his clothes. 'Absolutely, rebirth is the right word,' said Tomjanovich, who was pronounced cancer-free last October."

Tomjanovich's story is not unique. There are many who have reversed cancer through high-fiber, vegetable, fruit and grain diets, including Dr. Lorraine Day, a traditionally trained Western doctor who beat breast cancer.


We now know that cayenne pepper, or any other highly-concentrated capsaicin food, and green vegetables go a long way in reversing cancer. (Medicinal herbalists have also asserted that the herb chaparral is effective in helping to mitigate cancer, but that's a story for another day, I suppose.)

The health benefits of cayenne pepper just keep getting better and better. It is a proven aid to reversing heart disease, the number one killer in America, but it also has a myriad number of other medicinal uses as well. And now, western medical science has shown in several rigorous studies that it also kills cancer cells.

So, think about adding it to your health regime. I drink a warm glass of three to four ounces of water with a 1/4 of a teaspoon to a full teaspoon almost daily. If that is too extreme for you, start taking just one capsule of it per day.

(Of course, check with your doctor first.)
It's a small price to pay for your health.

I hope this article has been helpful to you.

Yours in health,
Samid, Dvorit. (1997). Compositions and methods for treating and preventing pathologies including cancer. The USA Dept. of HHS; pg. 56.
Thoennissen NH, O'Kelly J, Lu D, et al. Capsaicin causes cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis in ER-positive and -negative breast cancer cells by modulating the EGFR/HER-2 pathway. Oncogene.  2010, Jan 14;29(2):285-96.

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