Death in the Air we are Breathing

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Poisons have been sprayed into the air by jets since 1999. This article is a partial transcript of a DVD interviewing a doctor and professionals of various types. It reveals that these poisons have been studied and analyzed extensively. And their effects on people and animals have been analyzed. It reveals that in the spray are fungi, heavy metals, and salts. The article on bats reveals that over 6,000,000 of them have dropped dead from a fungus - such as is in the spray. Heavy metals in a system cause various diseases, and it reveals that salts combine with water droplets to help cause drought by preventing the droplets from reaching the earth.

The doctor indicated that garlic kills fungi. She spoke also about natural remedies for the other poisons in the aerosol jet spray. The article about millions of bats dropping dead is from the January 30 issue of TIME. It says, "There's an animal apocalypse afoot. Between 5.7 million and 6.7 million bats are estimated to have died since 2006 from white nose fungus - marked by the telltale white fuzz around their noses." It says, "It could spell disaster - not just for the animals, but for humans as well. The deadly fungus has the potential to erase entire species of bats in the Northeast." It says that there is no remedy for it, but that scientists are trying to find a remedy "before it's too late." It reminds us of the words of the prophet - "The plagues of God are already falling upon the earth." Last Day Events, p. 28. The doctor on the DVD talks about the fungus which has been identified in the air where the aerosols have been sprayed by jets. She said that it has been showing up in people's blood streams which, she says, "dramatically compromises the immune system by consuming those nutrients which the immune system uses to repair and rebuild. She said that there has been a great increase of colds, flues, cancers, and especially respiratory diseases.

She said that among the heavy metals which have been identified in the sprays, have been 1) aluminum - which can cross the blood/brain barrier, to cause short term memory loss, and has been identified in the brains of those who have died of Alsheimer's disease. She said that flax-seed oil is something that can get aluminum out of the system. 2) Barium. It causes cancer, and knocks potassium out of our system. Loss of potassium causes muscle weakness. Bananas contain potassium. 3) The spray has been found to [also] contain titanium and magnesium. Magnesium combined with aluminum in our system has been found to cause blood clots. The doctor talks about a natural remedy for that also. She also said that sinus infections have been increasing in the areas where the jet "chemtrails" have contained the "aerosol" spray. She said that respiratory disease has greatly increased since the aerosols have been sprayed starting in 1999. She's referring especially to New Mexico - where they blasted the first atomic bomb in 1945 - and have blasted "scores" of atomic bombs [a score is 20] in Nevada before 1960. I wasn't surprised to find a record of an increased rate of cancer in Nevada. She spoke about natural remedies to help counteract the aerosols, but emphasized this - "You've got to especially pay attention to the food that you're eating and the water that you're drinking." She mentioned Bentonite powder and flax-seed oil.

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