Effective Bird Flu Remedy

The following comes from an anonymous internet reader:

I have just yesterday heard on the news that Bird flu kills people by making their own body attack them in a "cytokine storm" immune system overreaction. I did not know that until now. It is the SAME way that SARS killed.

NOW PLEASE LISTEN TO ME BECAUSE NO DOCTOR CAN OR WILL BE ABLE TO QUICKLY, EASILY, SAVE YOU (or your loved one) IF THAT HAPPENS They STILL do not know "officially" or it is not widely known WHAT WILL quickly, effectively, STOP A CYTOKINE CASCADE!

I DO KNOW WHAT WILL ABSOLUTELY STOP SUCH A CYTOKINE CASCADE. (You would know too if you started reading reams of government medical research reports) It only costs $15, does not require a prescription, is widely available, has NO side effects, has no known overdose level and can be safely taken (as far as is known) by anyone EXCEPT those persons with bile duct obstructions, gall stones, and has not been certified for use during pregnancy, You should have at least ONE bottle on hand should bird flu strike someone in your family.

Do NOT substitute what I don't recommend. IT WON'T WORK.
You MUST get Turmeric 95% CURCUMIN. 500mg tablets. It is available over the internet or at some herbal, vitamin and supplement stores. The cooking spice Turmeric from the grocery store will NOT work because it only contains between 2 and 5 percent of Curcumin, the working ingredient part of the stuff.

I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. I share with you what I have discovered and know through extensive research and reading. I find it utterly horrifying that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people WILL die needlessly because the medical community has not utilized this natural medicine that has been in use for thousands of years. Anyone who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis does so needlessly. I absolutely KNOW from personal use that it will keep that from progressing or being painful.

Here is what I use and know will save the lives of bird flu patients:
I obtain it from this reliable source:
http://store.yahoo.com/iherb/turmericnw.html   ( possibly sold out )
http://www.swansonvitaminsale.com ( search for Curcumin/Turmeric, then go to Standardized Turmeric Extract - $7.29 )

One very big advantage this has over Tamiflu, (besides the inavailability of Tamiflu and the fact that what I advise costs $500 less than a bottle of Tamiflu) is the fact that if you take Turmeric 95% Curcumin when you don't really need it -no harm, no foul. But the window to take Tamiflu and have it work is very small, you have to wait till you know you have been exposed to bird flu to start taking Tamiflu and You must start the Tamiflu before you have had bird flu two days.

So forewarned is forearmed. You have been told what very well may be the only thing which can save your or your loved one's life, I have fulfilled my responsibility to you all.
And,as the Biblical story of the officers who told their General (who had come to the prophet Elisha to request healing for his leprosy) and who became insulted, offended and enraged when the great prophet not only did not even come out of his house to meet the reknowned General, but sent out a mere messenger to tell the General to go bathe seven times in the river Jordan and he would be healed. When he came away insulted, enraged and saying "we have much better rivers in Damascus than here in Israel" and did not intend to obey the prophet, his officers calmed and reminded him that if the prophet had told him to do some great and difficult task to be cured of his leprosy the General would have readily done whatever difficult thing that was asked. So, coming to his senses he went down to the river Jordan and washed himself seven times and was healed iimmediately.

So, although I am no prophet, no medical professional, nor healer, I likewise tell you something simple, cheap and easy to do to protect and preserve yourself and your family should this plague visit your door. Do as you will.


Above mentioned consistency of Turmeric
(Standardized 95% Curcuminoids)
may not be readily available in all
Locations but the same Ingredients with
the same Potency also come under the name



General Medicinal uses reported elsewhere:
reatment of Animal & Insect poisoning, Cold, Fever, cough, skin diseases,
Diabetes, bronchitis, Inflammations, Intestinal worms, migraine.

The following Article is very important
even if you have FLU symptons already

Prepare for Avian Influenza!

Also please read this important Article
MD says Vitamin-D effective against Influenza



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