Get Your Health Back....

        You can always tell when you've exceeded your body's ability to heal itself or recover.
        You killed it.

        And then what are you going to do? Walk?

        Your body heals itself
        at a certain pace, rate, tempo.

        If you
        breath unhealthy air,
        drink too much or
        drink unhealthy liquids,
        eat too much or
        eat unhealthy foods
        exercise too much or
        too little
        and don't get enough rest and sleep,
        you exceed your bodies ability to heal itself.

        The best and quickest way to heal your body is to
        deny it food.

        If you go without food – if you fast – your body rewards you on the third day with more energy
        than you had as a teeny-bopper, which happens right after 3 days, or
        72 hours or
        4,320 seconds
        of unbearable torture.

      After the 4,320 seconds (to the second) your body no longer craves food, and it won't crave food until you get hungry...haha....which, depending on how 'ill' or 'out of shape' or 'polluted' you are may not be for ten days (on the 11th day of a fast, I rewarded myself by going to McDonalds and savoring a cheeseburger, french fries and coke. It was the awesomest 11th day I ever had. Who woulda thought.

        NOTE: Due to federal stupid laws, the above is not medical, legal or plumbing advice, nor do I suggest you actually try to get healthy, for if I were to suggest that, it would undermine so many of the government's programs to covertly kill you, slowly, and would deny certain corporations their profits, which would be unAmerican, and we wouldn't want to be Unamerican. On a positive note, it's ok to kill yourself slowly as long as no animals were hurt in the process. Dipstick, out.



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