Joint-Pain and the Systemic
Lupus Lie

By Alan Graham
With Alfred Lehmberg

For the fortunate uninitiated, Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus) is a chronic autoimmune disease, which drives it right in for our general assessment, eh? As with other autoimmune diseases, the immune system attacks the body's cells and tissue, resulting in inflammation and tissue damage. The reader may have noticed the words "autoimmune" and "inflammation." These are words we've dealt with in the past, right? The medicos interested only in management though pricey pharmz propound there is currently no cure...
OK... let's explore that!
Lupus & joint-pain in general: In my opinion doctors have it all wrong, predictably, because in as much as Lupus is supposedly an "autoimmune disease," they feel the obligatory need to prescribe their usual toxic crap, like steroids, for the very questionable purpose of limiting the very system the body has to protect itself! Again, this aforementioned crap acts to suppress the immune system, an activity our medicos gleefully propose is indicated and otherwise called for! Upon examination it is found to be an approach serving them very well but is actually opposite of what serves the lupus sufferer... no surprise there, eh?
Sincerely, I suspect this approach to be nothing less than explicably crazy.
See, in my not so humble opinion the problem is a weak immune system at the start, further weakening that natural system is insane! Consider, in the holistic world anyway, Lupus is almost always helped by pumping up the immune system with Supplements & nutrition, and not knocking it down with the usual dodgy pharmz!
I am living proof of my own contention. Remember, I was almost dead from another "autoimmune Disorder", Crohn's Disease! Too, my MD's told me if I took a bunch of antioxidants & immune enhancing Supplements it would cause my already agitated, whacky immune system to "Flare"...resulting in more pain & inflammation - "So, Mr. Graham, you have to suppress the overactive immune system... you dummy".
Well... in my opinion, THEY LIE ! It's like Eric Cartman, reader, snacky-cake in hand, admonishing you to respect his "authori-tah"!
Cartman only ever serves himself, right?
Well - I cured my Crohn's by taking a broad spectrum of anti- oxidants and immune/digestion enhancing Supplements! Moreover, I ate foods the medicos told me to avoid, like 6 or 8 poached eggs daily... good for Lupus & joint-pain, because of the high sulfur & Omega-3 Fatty-Acids, EPA & DHA like those found in fish. Also, I consumed Saturated Fats like real Butter & Coconut Oil... a couple of Butter's arcane, shorter-chained fatty-acids, are great for joint inflammation! The anti-inflammatory characteristics of the magical MCT's found in Coconut oil explains why Polynesians who eat the traditional diet don't appear to get Lupus & Arthritis...
So, you see, MD's & mainstream dieticians are evil inveterate liars! Inveterate liars, or cognitive dissonance has so warped their sensibilities they don't know up from left anymore!
Now - Lupus is a proverbial tough nut, so try as much of the following as possible! Too, be tenacious, reader! It takes real effort to use everything & eat everything necessary to beat-back this disease! For example: if you are not willing to cut SUGAR & WHITE FLOUR out of your life completely, then there is no need for further conversation... stop reading, take your prednisone and tune up American Gladiators... Otherwise, it's presumed you're not a Bone-Head, and we'll continue:
1..Diet (Questions? Alan Graham E-mail --
a).. No sugar - must use Stevia or Xylitol or nothing. Sugar does EVERYTHING Bad! It provokes insulin production which causes inflammation while it depresses your immune system. Also, avoid hidden sugar like Ketchup & Sweet fruit juice - the exception is fresh lemon or lime juice sweetened w. Stevia. Some holistic advisors say don't eat acid fruits w. lupus, so if it seems to bother you then stop... but I don't see it being a problem. Why?
Lemons & limes "appear" acidic but after metabolism they are one of the top Alkaline-Forming foods! This can certainly help with joint maintenance.
b).. No bread - replace with "Bread" made from Hemp, Seeds & Sprouts, but NO Alflafa sprouts...they contain a substance that can aggravate Lupus. Homo Erectus did not evolve grinding & eating hi- gluten grains like wheat, barley & rye. Gluten is a very troublesome form of protein that can lead to joint pain & whacky autoimmune problems - caused by gluten's lack of digestibility!
(1).."Hi-Gluten" rice contains NO gluten...gluten, in this case, just means "sticky. "
(2)..The "gluten" in Oats is sort of an "in between" form of gluten that is usually much better tolerated than the wheat, barley, rye kind.
(3)..Soaked or Sprouted wheat & barley are great...they are not the same as the harmful grains.
c).. No cereal - replace with all the soft poached, cage-free or organic eggs you want, in fact eat lots of these sulfur-containing foods like onions & garlic. Also replace cereal with a WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) smoothy w. banana, berries, freshly-ground flax seed, a couple of egg yolks & stevia to sweeten.
FYI about raw Eggs :
(1)..I used to be a big advocate of raw eggs, believing that the glycoprotein in uncooked egg-whites, that binds to biotin, was more than compensated for by the biotin-rich egg-yolk; however, it appears this is not correct (there's not enough biotin in the yolk). You need to take about a 5000mcg capsule of biotin with a raw egg-white. Or, even better is to separate the egg-yolk to put in smoothy, etc., then soft scrambling the egg-whites because cooking destroys the glycoprotein! Subsequently, eat separately or remix with the raw egg yolk! Soft cooked egg-white mixed w. raw egg-yolk taste better than great!
(2)..Raw egg yolks are an extremely nutritious and enriching addition to your Smoothy but don't blend in the machine... gently stir in with a fork after the hi-speed blending.
d).. No pasta - replace with yams, sweet potatoes, avocadoes & rice slathered in all the real butter you want on them! In fact, yams/ sweet potatoes & avocadoes have many nutrients good for lupus... BUT NO white potatoes, reader!
"Night-Shade Veggies" like white potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cayenne pepper, pimento, and paprika also contain a substance that can cause joint pain. Giving up tomatoes & peppers is darn near unacceptable to me, so after you get to feeling better, try reintroducing them - see if it bothers you. To be honest, with my autoimmune disease & the joint-pain associated, I couldn't tell any difference with or without Night-Shade veggies... but with some people it can have a dramatic effect.
b).. No Poly-Food Oils like Canola, Soy, corn, sunflower, safflower, grapeseed, cottonseed, peanut, etc. Replace w. Extra- Virgin Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil or Organic, Hexan-Free Coconut Oil... AND, if you believe the lie that Canola Oil (Canadian Oil) or Rape-Seed oil is a heart-healthy, Mono-Unsat Oil , just like Olive Oil then, again, there is no need for you to continue to listen to me because you are lost in the tall grass.
Also No TransFat from partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (pHVO) found in margarine, vegetable shortening & all commercial baked goods...humm, like bread.
c).. No Carbonated or fizzy drinks of any kind! These neutralize valuable stomach acid... so, no Tums or Antacids... no Calcium CARBONATE or Magnesium OXIDE! You must use only Organic Chelated minerals like Albion, Amino-Acid Chelated, Kreb's Cycle Chelated, citrate, malate, lactate, gluconate, etc... only!
Stomach acid destroying crap like sodas & Tums is a major cause of Joint Pain and every other disease for that matter. The overuse & misuse of antacids by your perhaps sociopathic MD is a crime against humanity... the LACK of stomach acid in most people leads to reflux, heartburn and yes, joint pain. Too little acid can lead to virtually every other disease! Remember, as folks get older most of these need MORE stomach acid, not less, like the evil MD's are always trying to convince us.
d).. No tap-Water or bottled-water - the Chlorine & Fluoride in tap- water attacks the good bacteria in your gut while the fluorine & aluminum (anti-clouding agent) attacks your thyroid! This causes you to gain weight, feel rundown... exacerbating Lupus. Most bottled water in plastic is toxic and besides, there are no "Standards" for the bottled water industry...
It would appear that as much as 40% of bottled water is just plain old toxic TAP-WATER!
Use the best water filter you can find... the best PUR or a couple of other brands are OK - but the best is Reverse Osmosis (RO) - it is SO clean that the trace-minerals are even removed and must be replaced with very cheap liquid trace-mineral drops containing the 70+ Trace-Min's.
e)..No table-salt - This not a small thing, it is a very big THING! Replace your toxic table-salt with Sun-Dried Sea-Salt, that is grey or off-white... pink Himalayan Sea-Salt is great as long as it comes from some of the BIG Supp' distributors because there are cheap, fake "Himalayan" salts that are very high in Fluoride.
Also, don't get the pure white sea-salt at the grocery store! It does not contain the 70+ Trace minerals required.
This also means don't do like doctor's are always telling people and cut out all salt... you need a moderate amount of Sea-salt to make the Stomach acid necessary to utilize the difficult to absorb Minerals & Trace Minerals necessary to combat lupus.
f).. Do not take Supp's with Iron, but eat raw hi-iron veggies like Green-leafy Veggies (but no worthless iceburg lettuce) - Use Kale, Romaine or those "Garden-Medley" type bags of 8 or 10 diff. veggies & herbs. Also, eggs are high iron. I would avoid spinach until your condition improves because of the high Oxalate content leaching minerals from your body. Soy, spinach & beet greens are Hi-Oxalate and should be avoided until you get better - but low- oxalate foods like Kale are OK.
g)..No processed foods...they all contain some or all of the following: sugar, oxidized-oils, refined flour, soy, corn, pHVO TransFat & much more crap.
h).. Soy - Soy is the biggest lie ever shoved down our throats - fermented soy is fine, tofu is a little "Bad"- but Soy Isolate is the real evil one (found in protein powders & processed foods).
The Phytates & Oxalates in Soy bind with the minerals & trace-min's that you need to help your lupus.
i)..No dairy except for fermented dairy products like some yogurt's with 4 or 5 live cultures listed - not just a label that says "Live Cultures" without listing them, because they will likely only contain the couple of non-colonizing bacteria that make the want those cultures that "colonize". Avoid the trouble of trying to figure it out by using Kefir with no added sugar. It is yogurt SQUARED...most containing 8 or 10 excellent live cultures. If you eat or drink (thin & add stevia as a wonderful milk substitute) about a cup of Kefir every morning then you don't need to take a Probiotic Capsule that I recommend later.
j).. No burnt, fried or char-broiled meat...only "liquid cooked" meat like soups, stews, crock-pot, pot-roast... or you can roast things like chicken breast as long as you keep some water in the pan. Liquid cooked meat does not get much above the temp of boiling water (100 degrees C) so no dangerous inflammation causing Free-radicals like HCA are created.
k).. Do not eat fish or seafood of any kind unless you can be 100% sure it is mercury free... which is hard to do so just avoid fish.
We'll get the Omega-3's in the Supp' section below.
2.. Supplements :
a).. Take a Multi that is a notch above those store-bought abominations like Centrum, Theragram to FlintStones... (oh, the humanity!). Take a multi without the following: No "dl" Vit.E ( must be "d" or the superior "Natural Mixed")... nowhere in the "Supplemental Facts" or "Other Ingredients" should you see the words CARBONATE or OXIDE... the Vit.D should be D-3 (cholecalciferol) not the 500 times less active crap, D-2, (ergocalciferol) like that found in "bad for the body" milk.
b).. EFA's - Very important stuff... take Krill oil (from 2 grams to 5 grams depending on how much you can afford... it's little expensive but is superior to fish oil) or take a Hi-Potency, molecular distilled Fish Oil. Hi-Potency means every gram has at least 500mg of EPA & DHA per gram of oil...Regular-Potency only has 300mg of EPA & DHA per gram (take 2 to 8 grams daily w. food).
Also take 2 to 4 grams of Black Currant Oil with the fish or krill oil.
c).. Take 800 to 1000mg of Calcium in 2 doses of 500mg with food & take 800mg to 1000mg of Magnesium in 2 doses. NEVER use Carbonate or Oxide... Albion is the best Amino-acid chelated, followed by other Amino-acid Chelated forms, Kreb's Cycle, Citrate, Malate, Lactate & others. Take with food but if you get the Mag separately from the Cal. then you can take the Mag. any time, with or w/o food. In fact with lupus it is better to take the cal & mag separately so you can take a large dose of about 500mg of Magnesium just before bed to help every muscle relax & greatly improve your "morning constitutional."
If you are not going to take a Multi with Vit.K, Silica & Boron then I would not even bother to take the Calcium but I would take the Mag. Many if not most multi's do not contain all 3 (Vit.K, Boron & Silica) - so which ever ones are missing need to be bought separately... they are all dirt cheap.
d)..Glucosamine - The Sulfate form will do but the NAG form is superior & seems to work especially well with Lupus.
e).. Vit.C - take 3 to 5 thousand mg of Vit.C (Ester-C is likely the best). Considering you probably already have a sick gut, you could reach "bowel tolerance" long before you get to 5000mg of Vit.C... especially if you take a large dose of C with the large dose of Magnesium at bedtime - it could cause diarrhea.
FYI : These large doses of Vit.C & Magnesium make a great "poor- man's" Colon-Cleanse that you might do on purpose once a month or so. Because everybody's "bowel-tolerance" is different, you need to experiment with ever increasing doses until you get results. It is safe even if you over-do it with a really LARGE will just "Blow-you-out" that much faster. Always repopulate your gut with some sort of Probiotic after a colon-cleanse.
f).. Vit.E - 400iu of "Mixed" or "D" tocopherol. The "Mixed" has all 4 of the tocopherols, which is superior - but if you really want the total synergistic effect then take all 8 forms of Vit.E... the 4 tocotrienols with the 4 tocopherols. The Tocotrienols are a little expensive but they are very powerful.
g).. Zinc & Copper - Always take togeather. Use Albion or Amino acid Chelated. Take about 30mg in addition to 15mg of Zinc in most Multi's...take 1 or 2mg of copper in addition to the 1mg or so that is in your Multi.
h).. Probiotics (good gut bacteria) - Take a triple dose for about 10 days then drop back to a regular dose...use a "Heat-Stabilized or Freeze-dried" that does not need refrigeration & then refrigerate it ANYWAY.
i).. Digestive Enzymes - (WITH FOOD) Take a broad spectrum (at least 6 or 8 diff. enzymes) formula...with Ox-bile if you have no gall-bladder. Take with the first bite of protein containing meal.
j).. Digestive Enzymes - (WITHOUT FOOD) Take the pineapple digestive enzyme Bromelain on an empty stomach between meals twice daily. This Enzyme therapy without food will likely do more to stem inflammation than the formula above that you take with food. I like the formulas that are "Bromelain & Quercetin" togeather & they're cheap.
k).. Anti-oxidants - Take as much as you can afford : grapeseed extract, resveratrol, green tea extract (take these 3 with or w/o food) -- take R-fraction ALA & NAC without food (take 1000mg of Vit.C w. NAC). Because NAC is a precursor to Glutathione (GSH), it is a cheaper & more efficient way to boost GSH levels. GSH in supplemental form is not well absorbed...but it is by far the most powerful & important antioxidant of them all.
FYI : If money is not a major factor, then take "Co Q-10" in small (30mg) up to large (600mg) doses of this powerful but very expensive antioxidant.
l).. Immune boosters - Here are a few of my favorites - Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan - Medicinal mushrooms (Maitake & Shiitake), Olive Leaf (very cheap), Selenium (take 400mcg, it's dirt cheap), Zinc & Copper (take 30mg & 2mg togeather). Because 80% of your immune system is in the gut, the following gut supp's are great for boosting immunity... L-glutamine (take double dose w/o food) & Probiotics (the good bacteria in your gut are a major component of your immune system).
Here's the thing...even if this does not fix your Lupus it will not be a waste because your overall health has to improve if you cut out the toxins & crappy foods like sugar & Soy & take all the supp's to cover all the other bases. This truly "Holistic" approach for Lupus will protect your heart & brain while it repairs your joints... that is the beauty of supp's & diet as opposed to toxic pharmz... supp's are multi-purposeful and multi-tasking! For example, the glucosamine (above) that we take for cartilage & joint repair is great for keeping your heart-valves working properly... and the Krill Oil relieving joint inflammation also lowers your blood pressure & decreases platelet-stickiness to protect Heart & Brain.
People who are "Antibiotic" (against Life) and practice their craft by taking toxic pharmaceuticals only treating symptoms? These are Bone-Heads! "Probiotic" (for Life) people who take Supp's & natural foods can actually fix their problems, not just mask them! Additionally, these persons will have no underlying disease getting worse...
See, most of the time, the pharmz treating just the symptoms actually accelerate the progression of the disease! For example - NSAIDS, like aspirin, while relieving joint-pain, inhibits the system that repairs the damaged cartilage. See what I mean? Tell me that's not Bone-Headed ?
That's enough.
Closing, I want to remind the reader that it is likely a majority of the ills they might suffer which are predicated on the foods they eat... and on the nutritional supplements which they do not eat. Lupus is just one of these ills positively effected by the same diet and nutrition.
Well be!
Alan Graham


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