Morgellons Disease - remarkable new
Laboratory Findings

Morgellons Disease
New Lab Findings Point To Silicone/Silica
and High Density Polyethlyene Fibers.
Are These Now Being Sprayed On Meats and Vegetables?

It appears, new lab findings using tissue and bone specimens have solved some of the mysteries of Morgellons Disease.

Eighteen specimens, taken from a 57-year-old woman reveal bone, synovium and joint tissue having extensive degenerative fragmentation, roughening and bony formation and underlying extensive degeneration of the bone. Chronic inflammation with fibrosis, calcification of the bone and surrounding soft tissue of the joint shows presence of crystalloid fragments consistent with silicone and silica. Further, a private study to determine the chemical and biological composition of fiber specimens taken from a second woman in Florida has shown that the fiber's outer casing is made up of high density polyethylene (HDPE). The fiber material is used commonly in the manufacture of fiber optics.

The following are findings presented by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1, Industrial Toxicologist/IH & Doctor of Integrative Medicine. "Far-Infrared Radiant Heat (FIR RH) Type Remediation for Mold and Other Unique Diseases" © October 18, 2006, at the NREP Annual Conference in Nashville, TN for the National Registry of Environmental Professionals, P.0. Box 2099, Glenview, IL 60025 Phone: 847-724-6631, Fax: 847-724-4223

Dr. Staninger's findings are pending to published in the Journal of Pathology.


- - - A disease in which individuals have the growth of fibers from their skin that burn at 1,700 degrees F and do not melt. (20)(* see below) A private study to determine the chemical and biological composition of these fibers has shown that the fibers' outer casing is made up of high density polyethylene fiber (HDPE). The fiber material is used commonly in the manufacture of fiber optics. There is no history of the individual in that industry or coming into contact with this material. It was further determined that this material is used throughout the bio nanotechnology world as a compound to encapsulate a viral protein envelope, which is composed of a viron (1/150th times smaller than a virus) with DNA, RNA, RNAi (mutated RNA) or RNAsi linear or ring plasmids for specific functions. (21, 22) Toxicological pathology identification of tissue biopsies from an individual diagnosed with Morgellons revealed the presence of continual silica or glass tubules with the presence of silicone. (23) Dr. Staninger's full paper presented at conference

It must be noted that the core toxicological effects of silicone alone have been demonstrated throughout the breast implant industry and litigation cases. (24, 25)

Furthermore, silicone cannot make silica, but silica or silica bicarbonate can make silicone through natural cellular interaction in a biological system. The subject did not have breast implants or any other implant or silicon glue injections. "

Other findings Dr. Staninger presented at the conference:

1: The use of the biological pesticide Bacillus Thuringiensis for mosquito control in Santa Monica, California has caused a surfacing of syphilis in individuals who had some infected blood generational relative in the past that had syphilis, meaning either their mother or father had had syphilis before giving birth to the individual, passing off a DNA mutation of the virus to the child, and now these people are developing syphilis after being exposed to this pesticide.

2: 63 % of the patients diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) have a hidden lung worm, Cryptostronylus pulmoni cultured from their sputum.

FDA Approved New Virile Nano-Acuator Sprays For Foods - August, 2006.

The FDA-approved virile protein bacteria eaters that work on deli meats and other ready-to-eat foods in August, 2006. Food manufacturers started spraying this new nantechnology viruses on meats and vegetables in August 2006.

Intralytix Corporation, based in Baltimore, first petitioned the FDA in 2002 to allow the viruses to be used as an additive. It has since licensed the product to a multinational company, which is marketing the virus spray worldwide.

The viruses are known as bacteriophages, viruses that kill bacteria, or phages for short. Phages have been around a long time, living as parasites inside many bacteria.

Intralytix uses biotechnology to grow viral phages in a culture with Listeria, in theory teaching the viruses to recognize the bacteria. The FDA-approved cocktail contains six different viruses intended to attack one strain of bacteria.

This mixture is then sprayed on food. If Listeria is present in the food, the bacteria will ingest the viruses. This results in massive viral replication inside the bacteria, until such point as the bacteria simply bursts. This battle results in significant production of bacterial poisons called "endotoxins", as the bacteria tries to defend itself. When the bacteria burst, these endotoxins are released. These, along with the victorious live viruses, will now be on the food that will be eaten, ingested into the human body.

The stated goal of the new FDA-approved viruses is to kill a rare bacterium known as Listeria monocytogenes. This bacterium is killed by cooking; however, it poses a problem in meats that are cooked during processing and not cooked again prior to consumption, so it can readily infect foods such as deli meats.

The FDA and Intralytix would like us to believe that these viruses will only attack the specified bacteria they are intended to kill and will be harmless to humans. Wrong ! There is no way they can possibly guarantee such safety. Viruses such as HIV recognize human cells such a T-Cells and Natural Killer cells. The HIV virus attacks and destroys these human cells. Therfore, this new spray-on virus can potentially recognize normal bacterial cells in the human digestive tract and may be able to adapt to infect one or more of these friendly bacteria in the human colon.

The human immune system reacts directly to viral phages. Someone who eats a lot of processed deli meat is certain to evoke an immune reaction to the viruses. What will this reaction be? Allergy? Asthma? Autoimmunity? Cancer? How can the FDA approve a food additive that it knows can induce a variety of human immune responses? Phages, such as this viral spray is equipped to disrupt normal immunity that they are being considered for use as part of organ transplant medicine. What are these people thinking inventing these things?

Now Your Wondering? What Does This Have To Do With Morgellons Sufferers?

FDA, EPA and Nanotechnology

Nanotechnlogy is the ability to control things at an atomic and molecular scale of between one and 100 nanometers and has been met with enthusiasm across a variety of industries. Critics highlight the murky area of how nanoparticles affect toxicity and say nanoparticles should be treated as new, potentially harmful materials and tested for safety accordingly. (5)

Unlike pharmaceuticals, which must go through a series of pre-market approvals, finished dietary supplements need no pre-market approval. Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), which is part of the Food and Cosmetic Act, only ingredients not marketed in the US before October 1994 must be approved by FDA before use in consumer products. Thus, as it stands, pre-market regulation of nanotechnology in dietary supplements, biological pesticides, and other man made nanotechnology does not fall under FDA, EPA, OSHA, FIFRA and other regulatory agencies in the USA, just for the simple reason that the nanotechnology is so small that the conventional regulatory laboratory methods do not have equipment to measure at 9 decimals below the zero and are only addressing 3 and 4 decimals (ppm, ppb, and ppt). " (Staninger, Dr. Hildegarde, ibid.)

The above is the "tip" of the iceberg. There are now many, many thousands of Moregellons victims across the globe. And the numbers are growing daily. The disease is "unknown" by the CDC, and was instructed by certain members of Congress last July to form a health team to immediately study the findings and report back to them. As yet, the CDC has not come to any conclusion as to what is causing Morgellons. However, some of the proof is in. More is on its way as this private research continues. Isn't it amazing how private individuals in the medical fields have to find the causes of such things as this, yet, the CDC is given billions of dollars by the government each year to operate? These tests, which cost in excess of $30,000, were paid for by private citizens to "find" the cause of Morgellons.

Please call, write, email your Congressman TODAY to issue an order to the FDA to halt the use of these genetically modified viral protein envelope "concoctions" on foods. This is a very serious matter. Please email your friends about this information and get your friends and family involved in writing your Congressman to halt this insidiuous assault on our food supply and our environment. Your call will help in preventing untold millions to suffer, you and your family included!

References and other sources of information:

Dr. Hildegard Staninger's Paper, presented to NREP Annual Conference in Nashville,TN, October, 18, 2006, * references, 20 thru 25 above refer to her paper presented at the conference.

LISTEN TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2006 - Radio Talk Show Host Jeff Rense Welcomes Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, Dr. Rahim Karjoo, Pathologist, and Several Morgellons Victims as Guests 7:00-10:00 PM (Pacific)

Staninger, Dr. Hildegarde , RIET-1, Industrial Toxicologist/IH & Doctor of Integrative Medicine. "Far-Infrared Radiant Heat (FIR RH) Type Remediation for Mold and Other Unique Diseases" © October 18, 2006, NREP Annual Conference in Nashville, TN for the National Registry of Environmental Professionals, P.0. Box 2099, Glenview, IL 60025 Phone: 847-724-6631, Fax: 847-724-4223

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FDA Approves Spraying Of Viruses On Our Food Supply

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The Institute of Science in Society, PO Box 32097, London NW1 OXR telephone: [44 20 8643 0681] [44 20 7383 3376] [44 20 7272 5636]
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Shoshanna Allison contributed to this article.

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