Protecting your DNA from
Radiation Damage

Foods and Supplements that Protect Against DNA Damage

Several Plant-based Compounds
Are Radio-Protective! Read On!
Alexandra Bruce
March 13, 2012

Although the escaped radiation from Fuskushima is only 3% of the reactors' uranium fuel, the radioactive fallout so far has been over 400 times greater than the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Dr. Russell Blaylock here gives easy advice on how we can protect ourselves from radiation poisoning (a.k.a. "free radical damage") and he gives a real assessment of how how the reality of radiation poisoning is being covered up on Rense Radio, in a video edited by Michelle Hill.

If you don't have time to watch this 24-minute clip, please read the abridged transcript I've made of this informative and important interview below, which includes a list of healthy foods you can add to your diet to protect your health from the contaminated environment.



Jeff Rense begins his interview with Dr. Blaylock by talking about how the only isotope readings being discussed are those of iodine and cesium, which have relatively short half-lives. You rarely hear about the plutonium isotope with the 80 million-year half life, which is also part of the Fukushima fallout.

Rense points out this is the same pattern seen in 1986 by the Soviet government, the UN and US monitoring agencies, all over again. Then as now, the World Health Organization and the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency have downplayed the effects of the Chernobyl disaster on its 25th anniversary.

Blaylock says Chernobyl killed hundreds, rapidly (mostly small children, of which there is testimony in the local cemeteries) and it continues to trigger cancers in European populations to this day, totaling in the millions of cases, not to mention the birth defects in tens of thousands of children.

Blaylock's e-book, 'Nuclear Sunrise' was originally written to address the threats of nuclear terrorism. It explains the doses to take of these foods and supplements and how they work. The book can be purchased for download at the website:

It turns out that NASA has done the most research in this area.
Their scientists found that the drugs they'd developed were very toxic
so they turned to natural compounds.

Plant flavinoids which were shown to be radio-protective include:

Gingko Biloba at a dose of 250-350mg per day; it was found to protect DNA from radiation damage.

Ginger was found to protect animal DNA from massive exposure to Gamma radiation, the most destructive kind.

Garlic has also been found to protect against ionizing radiation.

Curcumin (turmeric extract) was found to be enormously protective as well as,

Quercitin which is found in fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains and

Punicalagins extracted from pomegranates.

Alpha Lipoid Acid was found to actually reverse some effects of radiation damage in Chernobyl, returning the levels of oxidized protein compounds in the body caused by radiation exposure back to normal levels and in some cases, better than normal.

Resveratrol a compound most commonly associated with red wine is also a very potent radio-protectant, in supplement doses of 200mg, twice a day.

Hesperidin was found to be very protective of DNA and of bone marrow, the blood-forming organ that's the most sensitive to radiation exposure, along with the brain and the gastrointestinal tract.

The above-mentioned plant flavinoids are found to be much more protective against radiation damage than Vitamins C & E. Together, these vitamins are synergistically protective but nowhere near as powerful as Curcumin and Quercitin.

Dr. Blaylock's latest research has been on neurotoxic, nano-scale metals. Many people have heard about the relationship between aluminum with Alzheimer's disease. Nano-scale (i.e., colloidal or aerosolized) aluminum particles are hundreds of times more toxic to the body than non-colloidal aluminum.

It's the same with the particles in the fallout from Fukushima: the SMALLER the particles, the MORE harmful they are, the EASIER it is for them to penetrate your body's cells.

Rense says that the government loves to talk about how the exposure to the TSA scanners and the Fukushima fallout are akin to what one would receive in a "cross-country flight." However, it's like mixing apples and oranges: external exposure is much less potent than *internal* exposure to damaging isotopes, such as strontium-90, which was measured in the US milk supply in the States which tested for it (CA, WA & VT) and which publicly announced their findings.

Following the nuclear meltdowns at Japan's stricken nuclear power plant at Fukushima, the French government issued a warning for its more vulnerable citizens, to avoid milk products and green, leafy vegetables, in a statement saying that consuming these foods at that time equated to "High-risk behavior."

According to University of California's Department of Nuclear Engineering, French officals were furious with the US Government for not telling Americans the truth about the ongoing radiation fallout risk from Fukushima.

Since the French government pays for its citizens' healthcare,
they are serious about this!

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