The Miracle of the Olive Leaf

by Luana Lei

Since Biblical times we have heard about the olive branch and reference to the olive tree as the "Tree of Life." This Bible reference has more meaning after reading a book by Dr. Morton Walker entitled Nature's Antibiotic, Olive Leaf Extract. I was astonished to learn the amazing and phenomenal situations that this herb treats so effectively and the amount of research and testing that has been done with it. Dr. Walker has seventeen pages of medical and alternative references in the back of the book. He is a medical journalist who has authored over 69 published books and over 1,800 clinical journal and magazine articles about holistic medicine, orthomolecular nutrition, and alternative methods of healing.

When the olive leaf was analyzed by researchers, they found the leaf matrix has a phenolic compound to which they gave the Latin name oleuropein. It is considered to be the source of the olive tree's powerful disease-resistant properties. It is this ingredient, oleuropein, that is present throughout the olive tree that effectively counteracts insect and bacterial predators (parasites).

In 1969, a major pharmaceutical company's researchers found that olive leaf inhibits the growth of every virus, bacterium, fungus, yeast, and protozoan that it was tested against. The company's research indicated that Olive Leaf Extract is effective against a minimum of 56 disease-causing organisms. Company scientists found that the viruses that were killed by the olive leaf substance are the coxsackie virus, the parainfluenza 3 virus, the herpes virus, the pseudo-rabies virus, the vesicular stomatitis virus, the encephalomyocarditis virus, Newcastle disease virus, polio virus, and the Sindbis virus, to name a few. The book lists many more viruses as well as a list of fungi.

In addition, there is a lengthy list of infectious diseases that in all probability we have had exposure to, at least one time or another, and know friends or family that have challenges in overcoming these situations. Listed in alphabetical order, here are only a few of the many infectious diseases which Olive Leaf Extract acts against as an antimicrobial agent: AIDS, athlete's foot, bladder infection, Chlamydia, colds, cold sores (Herpes simplex I), Ebola virus, Hanta virus, impetigo, Lyme disease, meningitis, pneumonia, ringworm, scabies, shingles (Herpes zoster), vaginal yeast infection, whooping cough.

The list of references for the studies of these and many other diseases are on pages 213 and 214 of Dr. Walker's book. The book also includes specific sections on AIDS, Candida and the yeast syndrome, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Epstein-Barr and related Fibromyalgia, the sixty three different kinds of herpes, of which seven or more are found in humans, sexually transmitted diseases, a cure for the common cold and flu, psoriasis, plus much more.

Research has been conducted all over the world. For example, at the Robert Lyons Clinic of Budapest, Hungary, a research study was done on 500 patients from the ages of 12 to over 50 for the following conditions: Respiratory diseases (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, etc.); lung conditions such a pneumonia and bronchitis; dental problems (pulpitis, leukoplakia, stomatitis); skin conditions such as herpes and other viral skin problems; bacterial skin infections; and ulcer disease (Helicobacter pylori infection). In addition, research was conducted for strengthened immunity by taking Olive Leaf Extract. The rate of improvement and recovery from all bacterial and viral infections was approximately 98%. For all patients involved in this clinical study, the body's immune system was strengthened. None experienced any adverse side effects.

In laboratory tests the herbal substance olive leaf has been shown to be virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, Candidicidal, and parasiticidal. The recently discovered phytochemicals in olive leaves, taken as a supplement to the diet, have undergone toxicity testing as well, and produced no adverse side effects in the laboratory testing. Olive Leaf Extract also works on lowering high blood pressure, stops LDL cholesterol from oxidizing, has a coronary dilating action, and much more.

In studying and working with herbs since the 1970s, I have never come across an herb that does so much. No wonder the olive leaf or branch (tree) is called the "Tree of Life," having such life-giving properties. Since there is no toxic level of Olive Leaf Extract, experimentation with the dosages varies. For Fibromyalgia (which I have been diagnosed with in the past), some patients had taken four capsules three times a day (a total of 12) starting with one tablet every six hours. The patient's overall health greatly improved, the depression disappeared, and the patient reported feeling wonderful. I have also found that amount to be effective. Along with the added diagnosis of long-term, systemic Candidiasis disappearing, the fungus under my toenails that I have had for years is now almost gone, not to mention many other things that probably have been dormant in the body.

Dosage Information
Dr. Walker says that he personally takes Olive Leaf Extract daily in a maintenance program against getting infections of any kind. He says, "Each day under usual conditions of stress, my dosage is two capsules." He takes one capsule on an empty stomach upon arising and a second capsule approximately two and a half hours after lunch (about 3:30 p.m.).

The Southern California physician James R. Privitera, M.D., who utilizes Olive Leaf Extract for his patients, says the following about dosage: "Olive leaf extract is currently available in the form of 500-mg tablets. The routine dosage is one tablet every six hours, or four throughout the day. Take the supplement between meals for best results. In the case of bad colds or flu, you can use two tablets every six hours. For acute infections, some individuals have taken more—three and even four every six hours—and reported rapid relief. If you encounter a "die-off" effect, cut back on the number of tablets you are taking, or temporarily discontinue them."

The Nevada Clinic in Las Vegas, a medical facility bent more to holistic health care practices, uses Olive Leaf Extract for many of its patients, in particular those suffering from infections of all types. The administrator of the Nevada Clinic furnishes the following written recommendation of dosages to the clinic's patients for the treatment of illness: "Recommended dosage is four 500-mg capsules throughout the day, or one every six hours. It [Olive Leaf Extract] is best taken before or between meals. For acute flu symptoms, take two capsules every six hours. For acute infections, more rapid relief may be obtained by taking three or more capsules every six hours. Healthy individuals need only take one or two capsules a day to benefit from the supplement's energizing and/or [preventive] effect. In general, the older and more toxic the individual, the more resistance present in the body and hence, the more of the supplement that will be required for optimal results."

In this world of "busy-ness," fast pace, and stress, it seems necessary to simplify our life. For me, taking so many vitamins and herbs were costly and many times didn't work. Replacing them with one thing that does so much and costs so little makes great sense. This is one powerful, nontoxic herb you might want to check out.

For information on the bulk herb sources and recipes for preparing Olive Leaf Extract, bottled capsule sources (for those unable to get to a health store) or information on where to obtain Dr. Walker's paperback book, call 1-800-3315 or 828-689-9550.Lauana Lei is a world traveler, health researcher, and free-lance writer on health and environmental issues. She has a company specializing in clay products for chemical and metal detoxification with clay baths. Lauana resides in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

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